“Those kind are poison,” said a voice from behind me. I straightened up from the patch of Ascaria I had been bending over, thumping my head smartly on a branch of the pine they were growing under.

As my vision cleared, I could see that the peals of laughter were coming from a tall young woman, perhaps a few years older than myself, fair of hair and skin, with the loveliest green eyes I had ever seen.

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"As Claire realizes that the war is over and takes a well-earned swig on the champagne someone thrust into her hand, a penny whistle offers our first glimpse of what will become the Claire and Jamie Theme.
I’ve already been asked by astute fans why I placed this theme here, before she’s ever met Jamie. My hope was to convey the notion that we’re witnessing this event from the perspective of “Voice Over Claire,” a Claire who’s already gone on this journey and is now looking back on it, to share it with us. The Claire in the voice over has already met Jamie, and is reflecting on this moment as the beginning of her journey that would lead her to him. Furthermore, I could have easily filled this space with triumphant, swelling brass, celebrating the victory for the Allies. But, this story is not about the war, its about Claire. I hope the score helps the viewer focus their attention on the woman in the midst of all this jubilant energy.”

"The score takes a more folk-influenced approached to arrangement once Claire is back in 1743. This is evident in Jamie and Claire’s first scene together, when they step outside the hut and look upon Inverness in darkness. Here, a solo penny whistle states the Claire and Jamie Theme once again. The arrangement is sparse: the whistle is the only instrument we’re hearing. It’s far from a sweeping romantic phrase.
This reservation was intentional. Ron and I both felt that the romance was the core of the story, and as such, we didn’t need to dive right into it in the first episode. Indeed, you will hardly hear anything romantic even in the second episode. I decided to let their relationship unfold ahead of the score, to always let their intimacy on screen happen first, and have music comment on it afterwards. This is a direct response to romantic clichés, where the music swells before two lovers kiss, telegraphing to the audience what will happen. The audience needs to wait for the romantic story to pay off, and so the music will need to wait as well.”

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"Collider: The relationship between Claire and Jamie is so loved by people, and it’s an interesting relationship because it starts out as one of suspicion. What do you think Jamie thinks of Claire, initially, when they first cross paths, and what ultimately draws them together and makes them see more than that, in each other?
HEUGHAN: Like they are to her, she is almost like an alien species. Firstly, she’s a woman, who has very strong, outspoken views. In that day and age, it was unheard of, or certainly frowned upon. She’s completely different to anyone he’s ever met before, and that’s very striking about her. She looks different. The way she conducts herself is different. He’s also aware that there’s some secret that she’s not revealing. Like most of the characters, and certainly in Jamie’s case, he’s got a background with a quite complex history. He has his own secrets, as well. I think there’s a lot of respect between them. They see in each other that they’re both trying to hide something. And there’s a humor there. They get on with each other. He’s very forward-thinking, and she’s from the future. They learn through each other. Maybe not always easily, but she teaches him and he teaches her. That’s where the relationship starts."
- Sam Heughan Talks OUTLANDER, Popularity of the Book Series, What to Expect from Season 1, and More (via fuckyeahjamieandclaire)

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